Youth Strength and Conditioning

Kettlebell training is ideal for youth strength and conditioning. Kettlebell training is a General Physical Preparedness Program. Instead of sport-specific training which tends to focus on isolated movements and skills, kettlebell training strengthens the entire body increasing overall endurance and core strength. Student athletes who train with kettlebells find their sprint times decrease and strength and stamina increase across the board. Kids who train with kettlebells hit farther, run faster, and go farther than athletes who don’t.

Youth Strength and Conditioning is coached by Louie Towkaniuk, IYCA Certified High School Strength and Conditioning Coach (HSSCC) at our Murrieta, CA location. Whether your athlete plays football, soccer, water polo or baseball, kettlebell training will improve their stamina and give them an edge against other student athletes who don't follow a kettlebell strength and conditioning program. This program is perfect for athletes between seasons looking to stay in peak condition and for year-round supplemental strength and conditioning.

Youth Strength and Conditioning is offered Monday through Thursday evenings from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM during the school year.  During Temecula and Murrieta school district breaks and holidays the program is also offered from 8 to 10:30 AM. Sports conditioning sessions run approximately 30 minutes.  Please call 951-473-5159 to schedule your free introductory sports conditioning session.

Kettlebell training is an intense program that requires discipline and focus. All children under the age of 12 will be entered in to the program by invitation only. Contact us for a private assessment at 951-473-5159.