Kettlebell Routines – Online Training

Can’t make it to us? Bring CEKB to you, wherever you are.

Have instant access to our daily kettlebell routines Monday through Friday and unlimited access to our library of kettlebell exercises with comprehensive instruction by RKC / SFG certified kettlebell trainer, Louie Towkaniuk.

No matter where you are, you will always have access to our daily programing. Videos can be accessed on your phone, laptop or tablet 24 hours per day, so you will never miss a workout.

For less than $1.00 per day you will have access to our complete programming including our comprehensive Exercise Index with detailed instructional videos for every kettlebell exercise used in our workouts.

Kettlebell workouts are uploaded Sunday - Thursday evenings at 9:00 PM Pacific Time. Please remember that only 5 days of kettlebell routines are featured on the site at a time. Each kettlebell workout is featured for one week until it is replaced by the next week's workout. It is your responsibility to view the Kettlebell Workout of the Day in a timely manner to avoid missing any kettlebell routines.

30 days of CEKB Online Training is only $20.00.  That's less than $1.00 per workout! We use PayPal for credit card processing.  All credit cards are accepted.  No PayPal account is required.