Jen’s Bikini Body Plan

Bikini Transformation Athlete MuscleReady to get real results? It's all about the nutrition. You can swing kettlebells all day long, but if you are running through the drive through on the way home from the gym you will never get the body you want. It seems pretty simple, but it's not just about counting calories. It's about feeding your body the vitamins and minerals it needs for optimal health. Who cares how skinny you are if you're not healthy?

In training bikini competitors, we have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly diets. Diets so devoid of nutrition that the competitors end up exhausted, malnourished and HANGRY. It's not their fault. The common diet principles of eat clean, cut calories and work out used to be enough to get results. Not anymore. Since our food stopped being food and chemicals took over our soil, food supply and medicine cabinets, the rules have changed. The key is to flush the toxins out of our bodies and to flood them with highly absorbable superfood nutrition. Calories still count, but the type of calories matters most.

I trained for my first two shows using the traditional way. I looked great - from 10 feet away - but up close I looked haggard. I was exhausted, fighting some serious fatigue, my skin was sallow, I ached and had trouble sleeping. Sure it was fun to look good, but at 43 years old it was more important to FEEL good. I went searching for a solution and found it. Simply by replacing two meals a day with superfood nutrition I was able to keep the fit body I had worked so hard for, still eat the same amount of calories, and triple the vitamins and minerals I was eating. One simple change and I felt amazing. Who knew?

JenBeforeAfterThis nutrition plan is a finely tuned, customized bikini prep diet that is adjustable as you build muscle and lose fat. This is suitable for all stages of losing weight, as well as losing that last 5 to 10 pounds needed to get into bikini contest shape. The menus are perfect for any diet or lifestyle including paleo, gluten free, and dairy free. All the guesswork is removed from meal planning, allowing you to prepare your meals ahead of time and put together portion controlled portable meals you can eat anywhere, any time. This plan offers rapid results for the stage or the pool, totally up to you.

Ready to get some real lasting results? Shoot me an email and I'll contact you to schedule a free nutritional consultation to go over your goals and how to make them happen. Don't go on another diet destined to fail. Nutrition works and I can't wait to help you get started.